publicado em 17/11/2017

Orion Geradores

Locadora de equipamentos


  • Empresa: Orion Geradores
  • Endereço: Tenente Lauro Sodré, 767 - Jd. Santa Adélia São Paulo
  • Cidade/UF: Santa Adelia/SP
  • Fone: (114) 1192-301_
  • Site:
  • Descrição

    With the aim of offering quality allied to the lowest price, Orion Generators have new and last generation generators that spend little fuel.

    Therefore, our customers save even if they need to lease our equipment to keep their equipment running in the sectors of infrastructure, civil construction, industry, events, oil and gas, mining, thermal plants, commerce and services.

    Our generators are quiet and this brings the team that needs to work close to the equipment tranquility, because there will be constant noise disturbing the concentration of the employees of the most diverse areas.

    Our team is able to offer services with quality, seriousness, complicity and, mainly, punctuality, because what we want is always to work together with you so that the positive results appear not only for Orion Generators but also for those who need our equipment .

    The generators provided by Orion Generators to their customers can be installed in parallel, manual or even automatic.

    Our own fleet ensures that the generator arrives with agility to its destination, because our customer is our priority, and thus, we want to supply the need of your company immediately.


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